CMD Limes Python Consultants

We are a software agency and co-operative that prides itself as stewards of the Python community. Join us for our impressive experience and friendly culture.

Complex problems become celebrated successes with our emphasis on strong client buy-in and leading-edge solutions.

We have decades of experience in building performant, clean and robust code. We provide consultative advice and problem-solving software to achieve organizational goals while maintaining clarity on timelines, cost and quality.

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Application Development


ML Ops



We are a Co-op. We are a community.

Our co-op is owned by the people closest to the business, not distant investors. We respect our members' opinion thus our governing body is democratically elected. While bureaucracy and treachery are minimal, our community is driven by those who care deeply about the community and for the benefit of everyone. We care for each other, and we care strongly about diversity, inclusivity, equality and accessibility.

We are underrepresented

Social stereotypes and bias made us the underdogs of the tech industry, yet our abilities have proven that we can break the barriers. We empower and nurture future talents in underrepresented communities to become future leaders of the industry.


We are Open Source contributors

As recognized leaders in the open source community, we love open collaboration and advances in technology. We maintain good relationships with open source maintainers and community leaders. We give back to the community when we can.


Meet the co-founders

In their free time, our three co-founders contribute to the global Python community writing code, serving in elected Open Source positions, mentoring, and organizing events.

team people

Cheuk Ting Ho

Lead Software Engineer

London, United Kingdom

team people

Mariatta Wijaya

Lead Software Engineer

Vancouver, Canada

team people

Dawn Wages

DevOps & Software Engineer

Philadelphia, USA


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124 City Road, EC1V 2NX
London, United Kingdom